2013: The End Of Mass Shootings

One Million Child March on DC for Gun Control | FacebookSome have asked: Can we really end mass shootings?

What if I told you that since 1934, there have been zero civilian massacres in the US using automatic weapons?

In fact, since the National Firearms Act of 1934, fully-automatic firearms have been heavily taxed and regulated, and in most cases civilians can’t get one. Since then, very few killings, and zero mass shootings, involved the weapons it regulates.

I just point this out because somebody probably told you that regulation doesn’t work.

You’ve probably also heard that the Supreme Court won’t allow such a ban, yet the NFA is still in effect. None other than Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in the 2008 DC vs. Heller ruling (legalizing handguns in DC) that weapons with large capacity magazines and features designed for the military certainly CAN be banned for civilians, but guns “in common use” must be allowed.

Bad news if you’re a deer.

But now you’re thinking that we’re in for a long political battle to ban the kinds of firearms, magazines and ammunition used in mass killings. On that, you’re right.

That’s why we’re marching in DC on Feb 17. The One Million Child March for Gun Safety (updated link) will happen, and will put pressure on congress to pass regulation on high-capacity weapons.

And this time, the regulation will go even further, close the loopholes of the previous assault weapons ban and create a buy-back program. I’m going. I’m bringing the kids. And I want you there too. Keep up with this movement by joining the One Million Child March (updated link).

A lot has been said about mental health playing a role in mass shootings, though many of them have been committed by people who were otherwise neuro-typical. We’ve also heard a lot about violent movies, toys, video games and songs.

Whatever mental baggage Adam Lanza carried into Sandy Hook Elementary school on December 14, he didn’t bring violent toys, movies or video games; he brought high-capacity semi-automatic weapons.

We can and will stop the sale of military-styled weapons to civilians. We absolutely have to. Let us never again allow 20 schoolchildren to be mercilessly slaughtered to accomodate gun fetishists.

I say “never again”, because the alternative is too grim to bear.

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