Who I Am (Really)

I was surfing through my Facebook photos recently, in preparation for the inevitable rainy-day sit-down with my Google+ account (I will never get it done if the weather stays sunny). I was struck by the sheer number of hiking and backpacking photos among the batches of goofy stuff I post. I guess you never know what you really are until you see it all combined in one place.

MyLeftOne (Tom Bishop) at Crawford NotchAt Facebook, I post almost nothing about work or marketing, but I force-feed my small group of Facebook friends a firehose of hiking stuff and kid stuff, usually combined.On YouTube, I am a guy who makes moronic videos that often involve banjo music.On Twitter and LinkedIn, I’m a marketing expert who is hyper-interested in brand strategyand social media, email and text marketing technologies (I work for a company that provides online marketing gadgetry, and therefore must play this role).On this blog, I pretty much do the same, although I sometimes spill my guts in a pathetic self-hating rant. I have no idea why, it just feels cathartic.

So who will I be on Google+? Will I be a fun, interesting, goofy songwriting dude who likes outdoor adventures and writing banjo tunes for his kids, or a total boring douchebag who is truly, really very much into the latest online marketing ‘best practice’ (Seriously, what other kind of person would be truly into that)?

After looking at all those Facebook photos, I think the guy on Google+ will be the hiker, skier, and kayaker who loves playing music and watching sci-fi. I will be the guy who gets called a ‘freerunner’ by kids at the playground (and a ‘retard’ by their parents). I will be the guy who lives every moment waiting for the clock to tick around to the point when I get to play with my kids and bring them on some interesting adventure.

I will be this guy:

Tom Bishop (MyLeftOne) at Tuckerman Ravine

And this guy:

Tom Bishop (MyLeftOne) on The Horn

 And this guy:

Tom Bishop (MyLeftOne) at Smooth Ledge

And this guy:

Tom Bishop (MyLeftOne) in Boston

Go ahead, get to know MyLeftOne at Google+. I promise I will set up my account a little better soon. When it rains.



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