Facebook Wants You To Try Google+

Facebook Wants You To Try Google+Is there any other explanation?

Just in the past month or so, Facebook rolled out new features such as Subscriptions, granular sharing, and the mini feed on the right. They have also eliminated items like the Top News/Recent News selector and Add Link (you could just include it in your status update for awhile now). None of these changes are very intrusive, but they range from annoying to inconsequential.

This morning, many sat down to see their Facebook page changed pretty drastically. The News Feed Top/Recent selector (which was obnoxious when it was first introduced) is gone. In its place is their Top Stories feature. Now Facebook will simply deliver the feed depending on how often you visit or log in. (And everybody logs out when they leave Facebook, right? Right? Otherwise you get status-jacked by your so-called ‘friends’.)

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Nike Running: A Social Media Mistake

Nike's Social Media BlunderOr should I say total marketing blunder? First of all, everyone knows in business that you keep your public discussion about your industry and competition positive. The public, even your fans, are turned off by your negativity about other companies.


Nike Facebook Mistake Fail

Nike really screwed the pooch on this one. Their Facebook post seemed innocuous enough: “FACT: Friends don’t let friends wear shoes with five toes” it read. No big deal, right? They’re just having a little fun with a trend that has captivated the running world, right? Those five-toe running shoes are kinda goofy, right? Haha, everyone?

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South and Middle Carters – with a Bushwhack to 19 Mile Brook

Riley hikes the White MountainsClear days, blue skies, cool breezes, dry ground, and yellow leaves. Fall is here, and it’s time to hit the trails.

I know that sounds like marketing drivel, but really, it is time. I was thinking my hiking season might be over by now, but as long as that sun keeps shining, why quit?

So with apples picked, waterslides slid, amusement parks visited, bikes ridden, and playgrounds hit, all my ducks were in a row for a fine late summer Sunday hike in the Whites. After years of staring at maps and plotting hiking trips, I finally got my chance to try the Carter range. The hiking trip to South and Middle Carter was on.

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Are You A Twitter Douchebag?

Are You A Twitter Douchebag?I’ve been reading about Twitter “Best Practices” lately, mainly because I’ve discovered that getting those elusive 60,000 followers is a little tougher than I thought. Maybe it’s me. Maybe my tweets suck, or maybe I just need more time to figure out what the heck to do with Twitter.

I confess; Twitter makes absolutely no sense to me. I know I’m supposed to have an account because it’s all the rage, especially given my profession. As a marketing dude, I need to know what’s going on. I also need to use it so I can understand its value. But after a year or so of doing that, I don’t get it. Why do people want a constant feed of tweets, relevant or otherwise, delivering them links to stuff they don’t have time to read anyway?

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South and Middle Carters: The Plan

South and Middle Carter Trail Map

You can see the point where the Imp trail reaches Cowboy Brook, where the bushwhack begins.

Ha! George Washington gets one mountain in the Whites, while Jimmy Carter gets four! Okay, maybe Carter Dome, South, Middle and North Carter are named for someone else, but from their summits one can sure look up to Washington like Carter likely did (or, actually, from viewpoints near these partially-wooded peaks).

So the plan this Sunday (Sep 18, 2011) is to reach South Carter with Riley via the 19 Mile Brook Trail, Carter Dome Trail, and the Carter-Moriah Trail, then cross to Middle Carter, and take the North Carter Trail to the Imp Trail back to the car. SCREEEEEECH! Wait, what? Someone put the needle on the record… Can’t you see on the map that loop don’t close?

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Lakes of the Clouds, the Dry River, The Hurricane, and Riley

Riley reaches Lakes of the Clouds hut

Here it is, the big trip report I’ve been trying to write for a couple of years now. When Riley and Connor came into my life, I was hoping to spend as much time as I could playing with them and writing about it. Since then, it’s been about 90% playing, 9% planning to play, and 1% writing. This is that 1%.

It turns out a three year old doesn’t play much baseball or chess. They like playgrounds, especially the ones near busy roads they can run into and basketball courts they can invade to disrupt the game. We go to one with a 40″ high chain-link fence, which my kids regard as more of a suggestion than a barrier.

These aren’t baloney babies. These are the kids who are so insane that their parents often get glared at by others. I’ve even crafted a response for when someone opens their mouth to me: “I’m sorry, we’re doing the best we can.” Then if they keep talking, I can say “I told you I was sorry, so now you’re just being a douchebag.”

I’m still waiting to use that one.

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