What #OWS Teaches Us About Branding

What #OWS Teaches Us About BrandingIrony. That’s what it is.

By that I mean the questions that are being asked of those who support the Occupy Wall Street movement (as I do). We are asked “What is your message?” “What are your ideas?” “What are your demands?” “What is Occupy Wall Street about?”

The implication is clear: #OWS does not have a mission statement or a vision, and therefore cannot be legitimate. That’s irony.

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Fishin’ Jimmy and The Little Girl

A Bluebird Day on Mount KinsmanA Photo of Mt Lafayette With an Obstacle in the Way

“You can see an ant on Lafayette,” said a hiker the next car. It seemed possible to see something the size of a cat on the summit, if not an ant, from the Lafayette Campground parking area. That’s how clear the sky was. Perfect.

Riley and I arrived around 8:30AM to climb Mount Kinsman. Though I’d reached Lonesome Lake before, The Fishin’ Jimmy Trail and the Kinsmans were new to me.

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