Let The Customer Drive: Use Branching Videos for Brand Relevance

Branching Video | KnowledgeVisionOn day three of Hubspot’s Inbound Conference 2012, it’s clear that content is king. Of 64 sessions, most were about using content; creating content, managing content, sharing content, or tracking content. There were many examples of content in the wild, most of it textbook-perfect material designed to appeal to customers and drive shares and inbound links. That’s the point.

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The Apple v. Samsung Decision: What it Means for Mobile Content

The Apple v. Samsung Decision: What it Means for Mobile ContentBy now you know the news: Samsung lost. Big. The company will have to pay Apple at least $1.05 Billion in royalties for infringing on iPhone patents, boosting Apple’s bank account by about 1%. But some other companies got caught in the crossfire, notably Google, maker of the Android operating system. Samsung is the largest maker of smartphones running the Android OS.

The Samsung devices affected are mostly older models like the Galaxy S II and Epic 4G. This pulls the rug out from under your smug friends who ran out to get those cool Android phones, because they were really just iPhones. Ha ha.

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Keyword Filtering In The Real World: The HubSpot Inbound Conference 2012 – Day One

Keyword Filtering In The Real World: The HubSpot Inbound Conference 2012 - Day OneHow about a little reality today?

I’m on the train headed to the Hubspot Inbound Conference 2012 in Boston. After a big hiking weekend and a 5K run this morning to get the kinks out, I’m treating myself to a hazelnut coffee and a smoothie (I need 10K to earn a bagel), and of course I’m reading new articles about content marketing, e-learning and how to get more inbound links. All before the conference opens at 8AM.

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Inspire People to Action: How Online Video Drives Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inspire People to Action: How Online Presentations Drive Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

What makes people respond to your content? Not everyone is inspired to act by text, but it’s been proven that photos and videos work better than words. ComScore reported that online video improves sales effectiveness when landing pages and e-commerce sites include them. In fact, social videos work better than television. What is it about video that drives inbound clicks?

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How Daydreaming Drives Creativity – #PowerToThePen

Ever have an epiphany? Some days I have them several times, and some days nothing happens that warrants notice. Actually, I think the epiphanies still happen, I just don’t notice or have the wherewithal to record them.

The best ones, of course, are written down and acted upon later. Sometimes much later. Sometimes I’m sitting there, or doing something like running, and it just hits me unannounced. Sometimes I have to flex some mental muscle and force a thought into existence. It reminds me of the difference between Mozart and Beethoven.

Did you ever notice how much it helps to have a pen? You can write down your epiphany, or better yet, doodle it and make it a #PowerToThePen entry:

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Ambush Marketing at the Olympics: Driven By Social Media and Online Video

During the 2012 Olympics in London, between online streams of Gabby Douglas’ brilliant gymnastics performances, Kayla Harrison winning the US first-ever gold medal in Judo, and Usain Bolt’s blisteringly-fast 100m and 200m wins, web audiences were also wowed by clever marketing campaigns from Nike, Pepsi, Burger King, and Google. Consumers voted the four companies among their top 15 favorite Olympic brands, sharply illustrating the success of traditional event sponsorship.

Or does it?

Besides these four companies not actually being Olympic sponsors, there was one other thing they all had in common:

They all used social media or online video heavily, and often both.

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So Your Videos Aren’t Viral: 6 Ideas For Putting Them To Work

So Your Videos Don't Go Viral: 6 Ideas For Putting Them To WorkAwhile back I wrote about whether viral video matters. For any company that needs to make a big splash in the social realm, it might. But for the rest of us, who stand a one-in-a-zillion chance of making a viral video by trying, what really matters is the success of our overall video strategy. Here’s a hint: it’s not measured in views.

But what criteria should we measure the success of a video campaign? I’ve talked about the 8 most important video metrics, too, and guess what? Views weren’t one of those, either. Instead, the measurements were about shares, conversions, playthroughs, social engagement, and search activity driven by your videos.

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Let’s Talk About Transcripts: With Ed Youngblood and Alisha Magilei

Let's Talk About Transcripts: With Ed Youngblood and Alisha Magilei | KnowledgeVisionOnline video transcripts are all the rage!

Actually, they aren’t, not yet. You may notice you rarely see a transcript with a video, whether you find it on a blog, on YouTube, a social site, or get a link through Twitter or email. I know it usually stops me in my tracks, because I don’t want to make a lot of noise in the office. I’d rather read a transcript to get the idea.

But I just don’t see enough of them. I’ve written about the reasons that businesses should use online transcripts to go with their marketing and training videos. Despite this, a lot of online videos still go without.

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Teavana: Beyond the limits of built-in obsolescence

Teavana: Beyond the limits of built-in obsolescence

My last steep of Assam Gold Rain

What are the limits of built-in obsolescence in product marketing?

We know that companies like Apple and Ikea are constantly upgrading their stuff in the quest for more money and more capabilities. Customers line up around the block for a chance to buy the latest gadget, and in most cases people know what has been improved, even if they don’t know why they need it.

Sometimes a company replaces their stuff to try to trick buyers, like redesigning a box of crackers or shaving cream, just to keep people wondering what’s been improved. Every so often, a company needs to phase out products or reset their product mix to force consumers out of a trance.

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The Rules of Slideshow Presentations: How To Get It Right

The Rules of Slideshow Presentations: How To Get It RightRecently I posed a question on LinkedIn: “What Are Your Rules For PowerPoint?” and got a wide array of responses. The answers ranged from “Keep it simple, stupid” to long treatises on how different businesses could use them. There was more than one admonition to just use Keynote.

My intention was to gauge how people use Microsoft PowerPoint, or any slide presentation tool in general, and find out what really irritates them when they see slideshows. I’ve already created my own video presentation called “Optimizing Slide Presentations: Don’t Think of it as PowerPoint”, in which I explain that you really have to follow rules that meet the needs and expectations of your own audience, be they B2B, B2C, investors, media, or anybody else. This question was about listening to the people rather than pushing my own agenda.

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