Using Rich Media Content To Drive Leads

Ever wonder how you can build brand awareness but also track important marketing metrics like cost per lead and conversion rates? Tom Bishop attended the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum and sat in on a session that covered exactly how it can be done. Here is Tom’s KnowledgeVision presentation about the session:

Using Rich Media Content To Drive Leads | KnowledgeVision

Welcome To Boston
Hello again! Today I’m in Boston for the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum. It’s a great event and a great organization. Even the coffee is good (sip), so I’ve heard. This is tea (hold up cup).

Anyway, there are five tracks of sessions on branding, lead generation, content marketing, communications and of course social media. And it’s a shame that I can’t watch all of them, but that’s how these events work.

It’s kinda like marketing, there really is something for everyone out there, but nobody can drink from the firehose, so to speak.
A Case Study on Rich Media
I want to offer a little recap on one of the sessions I’ve been in today. The first was with Mike O’Toole and Matt Magee from PJA Advertising and Patty Foley-Reid from Iron Mountain.

They talked about how online campaigns using rich content like video, combined with social media, mobile and other traditional avenues are essential for improving brand-awareness campaigns, making them more able to deliver demand generation metrics like sales qualified leads and cost per lead.

The Iron Mountain rich content example was an excellent case study for video and rich content, because it really is more engaging for viewers, and the videos are sharable. PJA Advertising even made clever rich media banners for LimeLight that mimic video and capture attention.

This tells me a few things. It’s possible to think of many ways that online content for brand awareness can be turned into something more accountable for lead generation and ROI, but the focus on rich content makes it clear that people in business to business are still people when they’re searching for business solutions. They respond to rich content that is attractive and engaging. And using rich content like video and moving banners can help you turn brand awareness into a solid return on your marketing investment.

And now I need to grab more tea. Thank you for watching.

Originally posted on the KnowledgeVision Fresh Ideas Blog.


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