How To Share A Company Holiday Card Online

It happens every year. The holiday season.

And if you’re in marketing or HR, that means it’s time to deal with the company’s holiday greeting strategy. Yes, there’s a strategy.

Why is there a strategy? Because everyone differs on how to send holiday greetings in business. There’s:

  • “Let’s send a postcard to customers.” – but who’s designing it? And who will approve it, without insulting anyone, before it’s too late to send?
  • “How about an email?” – but now you don’t have to send to just customers to keep costs down, but everyone. Now you need multiple messages.
  • “Don’t worry about complaints, just blast everyone the same thing.” – but this is outside the best practice guidelines of marketing. Shouldn’t your holiday greeting campaign be as structured as every other?

Well, at KnowledgeVision we tackled one of these holiday campaigns by using a multi-pronged approach. First, by creating an online presentation to appeal to as many people as possible, then sharing it with customers and other groups through different email campaigns, and then by writing a blog post about it and sharing it on social sites (shhh – you’re reading that now).

The result, about a minute long, is called “Happy… from KnowledgeVision”:

Happy... from KnowledgeVision | Holiday Presentation

You like?

How We Created The KnowledgeVision Holiday Card:

  • First, it took writing a script – I don’t know about you, but when I write something, I like to just go to town and stream out words. Sometimes I mull over a sentence or two, or relocate a paragraph when it makes sense to do so. But mostly I just apply fingers to the keyboard and go. The result is practically what’s going to be published. I know. You hate me.
  • Secondly, I wanted everybody, absolutely everybody to have a line. For this particular project, it required setting up a shoot in our studio and scheduling a time. On the scheduled day, each person came into the studio for just a few minutes and said his or her line, then some simple editing, and the result as you can see, is brilliant.(I know from theater that one line can be delivered easily, but a segment of dialogue is much harder to carry on. By keeping it to one line, I got everybody’s best performance.)
  • Thirdly, we needed images to go along with the finished video. That took some more work, since you know how images are. You need exactly the right concept, but not something distracting, like a funny angle or an oblique reference. I originally created Flash images that were too generic, and a weird page-turning animation that just plain took too much time, so we finally went with stock photos that I really like.
  • Finally, I created a KnowledgeVision template for presenting the card as part of an iFrame, like you see above, and the larger version of the KnowledgeVision holiday card here. KVStudio lets us create multiple versions for one project pretty easily.

The script is meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek about which holiday greeting we’re offering, and truth be told, this is a time of joy and sharing for just about everyone. So many different holidays include similar traditions, that I wanted to point that out.

So whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Festivus, New Years or whatever I’m leaving out (or nothing, ‘natch), have a safe, happy, fun, and interesting one.

Originally posted on The KnowledgeVision Fresh Ideas Blog.


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