If You Give an App an Update…

If you give an app an update

It will want some storage space to go with it

So you'll need to sweep out some junk

And the app will try to download...and download...and download...

You'll select a faster WiFi signal, and the app will try again

But then it will find a security flaw, you need to get a patch

And it will send you to a website

When you punch in your password, it will tell you it's expired

You'll pick a new one, but you'll also need two-factor identification

Now you can download your patch, but you'll need to pay

And the patch won't be compatible with your OS, so you'll need to update that, too

Then it will have to reboot

When you open the install file, you'll need the app, and when it sees the file, you can bet...

It will want an update to go with it


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