About Tom Bishop

At MyLeftOne, Tom writes about being with his wife Lisa and their two children, Riley and Connor, as well as whitewater kayaking, skiing, sailing, running, mountain biking, tennis, stunt kites, stunt bowling, caber tossing, 3-D rationalizing, egg-timing, correlation principle hyperventilating, derogatory term coining, collapsible membrane stereotyping, potato taco mesmerizing, inflatable rock rafting, surf jumping, and fly fishing.

In his spare time, Tom is an experienced marketing professional focused on brand strategy, campaign management, social media, market segmentation, research and data analysis, and business development. Tom built his business experience working with more than a half-dozen startups and small businesses. To companies in high-tech and business services, Tom brings in-depth branding and messaging experience, organizational skills and leadership abilities to deliver a powerful lead growth and brand awareness strategy. He received his MBA from Boston University in 2002.


  • Marketing campaign development and management
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Research, tracking and statistical analysis
  • Search engine and social media marketing
  • Business plans and investor/donor presentations