About Tom Bishop

At MyLeftOne, Tom writes about being with his wife and two children, as well as whitewater kayaking, skiing, sailing, running, mountain biking, tennis, stunt kites, stunt bowling, caber tossing, 3-D rationalizing, egg-timing, correlation principle hyperventilating, derogatory term coining, collapsible membrane stereotyping, potato taco mesmerizing, inflatable rock rafting, surf jumping, and fly fishing.

He also produces audiobooks found at Audible.com.

In his spare time, Tom is a marketer, writing about trends in the culture of storytelling, the challenges creators face, and the software they use. His role is to develop content to appeal to the needs of creative artists, whether they create music for concerts, albums, soundtracks, produce audio for streaming or live venues, or tell stories in film and television.

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