God Needs Followers (But Friends Will Do)

The Salvation iPhone AppI have to admit, I love the MeaCulpa iPhone app. For only a couple bucks, it delivers a lot of penitence. I’ve been using it to confess all sorts of things, like that last slice of pizza I ate, the trip I took with the kids where I forgot to bring their shoes, the yogurt I stole from the office fridge…

Okay, some of my foibles aren’t included in the app, which tend to run more toward Leviticus than Seinfeld. “Have you harbored hatred in your heart?” the app asks. “Have you led anyone into sin?” It’s like a medical questionnaire for the spiritually ill.

But I’ve got to admit, the app is fun. MeaCulpa does help me bear the burden of being such a douche. I wonder if there will be a Facebook app. “Prayerville: Clara wants to share an Our Father and two Hail Mary’s with you. Accept?”

I bet I can build such an awesome Prayerville layout that eternal salvation is guaranteed.

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