Presentation: “We’re Talking About Content. Interactive Content”

Today we’re talking about content. Specifically, interactive content. The kind you can view online, anytime, any day, and interact with. Here’s an overview of the new white paper from KnowledgeVision called “Interactive 24/7 Content: Why Online Presentations Belong In Every Digital Content Strategy”.

Interactive 24/7 Content: Why Online Presentations Belong In Every Digital Content Strategy | KnowledgeVision Presentation

Presentation Transcript

There are a lot of content types. White papers? Videos? Blog posts? Infographics? What’s that? We’ve got an infographic for that. Download our infographic: “The Pros And Cons Of Online Content Types” below.

Have you ever heard of online presentations? These show you video and slides together, as well as web pages, images, forms, navigation, transcripts, notes, links, and downloads. They’re in the cloud, so they’re available anytime as long as you are too. They’re multisensory, engaging, searchable, and trackable. They can be shared or embedded, and they encourage interaction.

So we’re talking not just about content, but… content.

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The Bunny, the Chicken, and Data Analytics

The Bunny, the Chicken, and Data Analytics

It’s said that whether we’re marketing brands and products, training new employees, or educating students, we need to tell stories to get our point across. I agree, so here’s a children’s fable about the importance of collecting data from your online content efforts. Whether you’re using social media, posting articles, selling a product, or making video presentations like this one, stories are better at making the case.

So here’s my little story about a bunny, a chicken, and how together they used data analytics to save the flock.

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