The New SEO: Social Sharing and Sentiment Matter More Than Ever

The New SEO: Social Sharing and Sentiment MatterBy now you’ve heard of Google+, right?

When Google announced its very own social platform earlier in 2011, the theories abounded: First, there was “It’s a competitor to Facebook and Twitter.”


Then we heard “It’s for the geeks who use all of Google’s unique applications.”

Not quite, unless Google really wants to hang its future on all three of those folks.

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Google Instant places new emphasis on shorter keywords

Google Instant ArticleNow that Google Instant has been launched (To see it in action, just go to it’s easy to understand how it will affect organic search for users. In short, it will speed things up, because it will help you refine searches on the fly instead of running several keyword tests to get a relevant set of results. Google pretty much says so too.

But because I’m in marketing, I’m more interested in how it will affect SEO and PPC. This excellent article on Google Instant at the Guardian covers the topic well, but my own thoughts boil down to this:

This re-emphasizes the short keyword.

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