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Who I Am (Really)

I was surfing through my Facebook photos recently, in preparation for the inevitable rainy-day sit-down with my Google+ account (I will never get it done if the weather stays sunny). I was struck by the sheer number of hiking and backpacking photos among the batches of goofy stuff I post. I guess you never know what you really are until you see it all combined in one place.

MyLeftOne (Tom Bishop) at Crawford NotchAt Facebook, I post almost nothing about work or marketing, but I force-feed my small group of Facebook friends a firehose of hiking stuff and kid stuff, usually combined.On YouTube, I am a guy who makes moronic videos that often involve banjo music.On Twitter and LinkedIn, I’m a marketing expert who is hyper-interested in brand strategyand social media, email and text marketing technologies (I work for a company that provides online marketing gadgetry, and therefore must play this role).On this blog, I pretty much do the same, although I sometimes spill my guts in a pathetic self-hating rant. I have no idea why, it just feels cathartic.

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