Online Video Is Trending: Drive Holiday Sales In-Store And Online

Online Video Is Trending: Drive Holiday Sales

Image Courtesy ABC News

As we enter Cyber Week 2012, we know that record numbers of shoppers hit the stores over Thanksgiving weekend. Among the online shopping trends we’ve seen include multi-channel shopping, mobile advertising, and opening times that are earlier than ever.

Social platforms will be a bigger factor than before. 2012 will also be the year that Pinterest really starts to show its worth for driving online purchases, especially with apparel.

Another trend is that stores are pushing for in-store sales, using sales that aren’t available online and by guaranteed price-matching.

But the biggest trend appeared earlier in the year, when 2012 officially became the first year that online clothing purchases, or purchases influenced by the web, surpassed those made in a store. The driving factors in online retail are increased use of mobile devices and tablets, and an increasing emphasis on video. It turns out that 40% of video viewers wind up in the store or on the store’s website.

That’s huge. Do 4 out of ten viewers of television ads drop everything and head for the store? Nope. No way.

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The Rules of Slideshow Presentations: How To Get It Right

The Rules of Slideshow Presentations: How To Get It RightRecently I posed a question on LinkedIn: “What Are Your Rules For PowerPoint?” and got a wide array of responses. The answers ranged from “Keep it simple, stupid” to long treatises on how different businesses could use them. There was more than one admonition to just use Keynote.

My intention was to gauge how people use Microsoft PowerPoint, or any slide presentation tool in general, and find out what really irritates them when they see slideshows. I’ve already created my own video presentation called “Optimizing Slide Presentations: Don’t Think of it as PowerPoint”, in which I explain that you really have to follow rules that meet the needs and expectations of your own audience, be they B2B, B2C, investors, media, or anybody else. This question was about listening to the people rather than pushing my own agenda.

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